About me and the healing I do

Kacie is passionately committed to supporting both adults and children on their healing journey, addressing a spectrum of challenges from trauma, abuse, and addictions to physical ailments like allergies and pain as well as mental health concerns. Her dedication led her to work in the Medical and Mental Health fields within a hospital setting. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional Western medicine, she embarked on a quest for alternative healing practices after realising that medications often mask symptoms rather than addressing root causes.

In 2011, Kacie took her first step into self-healing with a Reiki attunement, sparking her exploration of alternative healing methods. A turning point came in 2018 when she encountered a practitioner skilled in kinesiology, etheric cord cutting and mediumship. This transformative experience inspired Kacie to share the benefits with others and laid the foundation for her current practice.

With a patient and caring demeanor, Kacie creates a positive and non-judgmental space where clients can unravel energetic bindings from social conditioning, childhood trauma, past-life limitations and metaphysical injuries. Her goal is to empower individuals to rediscover their intended life vision and embrace a new, empowered version of themselves.

Taking her journey to the next level Kacie ventured to Canada to learn a powerful form of healing that aligns with her interests and proves effective. Specialising in cord removal, she discovered its lasting impact compared to traditional cord cutting. Kacie has also amassed a wealth of healing techniques, enabling her to assist with a wide range of health issues, including allergy reversal, illnesses, cancer, autoimmune conditions, trauma, childhood trauma, mental health, depression and anxiety which are a few examples of what Kacie is able to help with.

Utilising tools like the Akashic Records Kacie delves into the sources of cords and contracts that may be hindering personal growth and well-being. The Akashic Records act as a vast library of life events providing insight into past, present and future experiences. Kacie can release outdated oaths, vows or agreements that no longer serve helping clients break free.

To explore how Kacie can support your journey toward optimal well-being, reach out to her today and take the first step toward becoming the best version of yourself.